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Declaration: I feel like a dunce…

Been fiddling with the story, testing mental scenarios of how the characters would actually act vs how I’d prefer them to act, and in general doing a TON of writing in the background to take a break from bashing my head against a small art block (Philleas and Dolly continue to ELUDE MY GRAPHITE TOUCH). As of last week, I started doing something I haven’t done since… well… since midway through MDC, and started watching anime directly again.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d watch the occasional bit here and there, but nothing really put it’s hooks into me like they had a while back and I’d kinda drifted away from it. Between Toonami’s temporary death, 2 animes that I did enjoy ending (Full Metal Alchemist [Saw both the original and Brotherhood and I gotta say, they are both equals to me. The original spun a very large tale that, granted, can be hard to follow if you missed even the smallest thing occasionally from some episodes, but was fairly epicly sewn together while brotherhood removed the more confusing bits, put things in a nice order, but was kinda a letdown for me here and there due to the re-casting and the action scenes] & Big O [I absolutely don’t care what anyone says, PART 3 HAS TO BE MADE IN SOME FORM AT SOME POINT. THE STORY AS SUNRISE AND CN LEFT IT CURRENTLY HAS NO DEFINITE ENDING. Till those come, I will cherish the season 1 & 2 dvd sets that are sitting next to me]), and Syfy’s Ani-monday/tuesday/weekday thing being pulled from the schedule, the drive to watch any kinda died off.

Then came Saturday, June 22, 2013. My mom and dad bought a condo/timeshare quarter-way up the state some years before I was born and my family have been going to it just about every year since. This year, my mom signed the condo over to my father and this will be our last year going up to it. To try to make it somewhat special, I spent our first night up there up late to catch the new toonami. I’m actually quite happy they brought back tom and the crew. The animes that they show now are kinda a mixed bag. Attack on Titan, Space Dandy, and Blue Exorcist looked neat. Bleach and Naruto almost put me to sleep though. Why those two are still around, I can only guess. Was about to turn it off when One Piece came on.

For the record, last time I saw one piece was around the time they recruited the cook and was being dubbed by 4Kids. I saw that it was on the schedule and it made me scratch my head. It was one of those anime I was going to lump with Bleach, Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. Everyone should know those. The ones where the story is about as strong as a toothpick about 80% to 90% of the time and it’s all about who has the flashiest attack against a baddie who will be replaced very quickly by yet another baddie with about 8 to 12 episodes of sheer dialogue dump followed by about 15-ish episodes of the characters “powering up/training” then roughly another 3 to 5 episodes of the actual fight, followed by 3-4 episodes of banter between the protagonist and antagonist then 2-4 episodes with the conclusion of the fight, just to start the cycle over again with the dialogue dump? The action scenes in those? Great and usually quite memorable to me. The rest? I honestly hated. The presentation just really felt horrible. I know that some dialogue HAS to be there, but did they honestly have to have such long winded drawn out explanations of why x was going to kill/conquer/destroy y because of z and have it drawn out over multiple episodes?

Man did I get off point there… Either way, I was expecting essentially a pop anime like naruto or something. What I got, well, Let’s put it like this. If it wasn’t for 4Kids and the way they initially showcased the series, I might not be as far behind on it was I am now. Most of the character designs are very strong and portray not just the role, but usually the personality of the character. The story is split up into manageable chunks that is usually SHOWN instead of TOLD (What a novel concept, showing stuff in a visual medium instead of just telling the audience), and the pacing is pretty good too. A few slow points here and there, but those usually are well spaced to give the viewer a bit of breathing space between one hill and the next. While catching up on the series last week, it had me enthralled with the story. Granted, I started with it around the Water 7/Ennies Lobby arc, but it wasn’t hard for me to play catchup online to see what all I missed and where the series is now.

This past monday, a week after I started watching the series again, I came to a realization about what I am working on story wise. As strange as this may sound, It’s within the same vein as an anime. I suppose I should clarify that. I see animes NOT as being animations from Japan/China/Korea/The orient in general. Granted, a good many come from there, but that is not what defines an anime to me. An anime is an animated story that has a definite beginning and a definite end that is told by the chapter. It defines a world, it’s characters, and it’s story and, while the world can be picked up in new stories, but does not rely on those stories to be told (sequelitis) or any other gimmick. There are many shows that fall into this odd range for me. ThunderCats and Code Lyoko are two that come immediately to mind, one being made, granted in Japan, but written by a couple of americans and the other being done by a french studio.

The point I guess I’m getting to is that the story has been forming, chapters have been put together, I’ve got a fairly large and definite ending in mind that will hopefully NOT be posted on here due to spoilers and the whole story, with how it’s fitting together and coming out, is starting to feel like it is something like one of the good anime. Whether or not it actually will be one is up in the air, but it is getting stronger day by day.

Pardon the slight ranting. I’m writing this at a time I should probably be sleeping so I may not be thinking entirely straight. Just felt the need to type and put something out.

Compass Set: Storybeats

Been a while, but things are progressing. Main thing I’ve been ironing out is the whole of the story. Where it is going, how it is getting there, and trying to figure out relatively how long this is going to be and roughly how things are going to be separated out to small episodes and story arcs. I’ve still got a ways to go, but this is what I’ve got so far.

Still trying to piece this together and get get the right flow going, but the whole story is starting to settle. Not entirely convinced yet that the main introduction to Bing and Philleas should be at the start, nor how many episodes (denoted in brackets [ ] ) each bit should be. You can probably tell I’ve started losing track of where things are supposed to be further down, so, as I stated, this is still a work in progress, but for the moment and where they do have episodes, it feels right at least. As a small side note, this is roughly the first 1/3rd of the story and is written mostly in short-hand just to help at least get the general act together.


  • Prelude [eps 1-8?]

    • Introductions

      • Bing [Eps 1-3?]

      • Philleas Fox [Eps 1-5]

    • Side Characters/Mentioned Characters

      • Dolores “Dolly” Cervin Grigiri

      • Artemis Grigiri mhen Ivirri

    • Side Mini stories (Filler to be remembered/explore Cidenhall)

  • The Incident [eps 9-12]

    • “Knight Errant” visits town [1]

    • Bing Popped [2]

    • Partial Recovery [3]

    • Small dive into Fountain Dragon lore

  • Cutoff at the Post Office [eps 13]

    • Rush to the Next Town [1]

      • Philleas tail secret revealed

    • Gathering info around town [2]

      • Fleet Fox Postal Service

        • Definite lead, “Knight” had 6 packages to be sent

        • Was considered fishy due to how heavy the boxes were and the magic dampening seals

        • 5 sent out, 1 to be sent

        • 1/6 missing pieces recovered

    • Next Plan/Destination [3]

      • Get the info from FFPS as to where the other packages were sent

      • Next closest was sent to Terminus City

        • Flier on the wall for Madame Grigiri’s Traveling Carnaval stating Terminus City as it’s next location

        • Delivery to The Carnaval

  • Circus Shenanigans/Carnaval Catastrophe/Showstoppers

    • Meetup on outskirts of the City

      • Full Introduction

        • Dolly + Artemis

    • Out ahead to scout out Terminus City

      • 2 major Soda factories in town. Fizzy Wizard & Breir Cola

        • Fizzy Wizard

          • New Factory

          • Very Secretive

          • Unknown methods to produce magic soda water

        • Breir Cola

          • Old Factory

          • Employs 10-30 Fountain Dragons & a few alchemists on site

          • Been experiencing random manufacturing issues from equipment breaking down in unusual ways since FW opened

    • Fizzy Wizard VS Breir Cola

      • Something fowl going on at Fizzy Wizard

        • Found tools marked with Fizzy Wizard in the Briar Cola factory

      • Break into the factory at night

        • Dolly & Philleas on point, Bing and a few circus folks as lookouts

      • FW factory is really new, built only 6 months or so ago

        • Claims to be producing “natural” magic soda water through proprietary methods that , after finding the method, is unreplicable.

      • Papers show that factory is just a management facade

        • point to a hidden records building hidden in town

We have lost one of the greats…

Was poking around online for a bit ago, trying to decide whether or not to go to bed a bit earlier then usual, and stumbled across a bit of saddening news. Half of an animation duo that I’m fairly certain EVERYONE has seen at least one of their specials/tv shows at least once passed away on January 30th of this year. Do not mistake me. He did live a long, full, and rich life and died at the age of 89, but, it’s just that he seemed to go… unnoticed…

Arthur Rankin Jr, of Rankin and Bass fame, driving force of the stop-motion animation style “Animagic”, on of the directors, along with Jules Bass, of many of the perenial holiday specials that we all see every year as well as the rather well known animated “The Hobbit” movie as well as the original Thundercats, has left, not with the fanfare that would be so well deserved from his career, but as a passing word, seemingly forgotten in the hussle and bussle of the world. The specials he worked on were some of my favorites and I go out of my way when possible each year to watch them when they come on. He and his partner were one of my favorite animation teams out there, near the top of the list near Don Bluth, Chuck Jones, John Kricfalusi (John K.) and Will Vinton.

May he rest in peace.

World Building: Fountain Dragon abilities and World History

Kinda absent-mindedly forgot about the blog for… well… alot longer then I’d initially anticipated. Still been working on the world, the lore, etc, etc, etc, on and off for the past few… months? damn… It has been a while and right now having issues falling asleep so I figure might as well drop in a quick post while I’ve gotten back on here.

So… Fountain Dragons… Alot of the general stuff about them was covered in the last post here, but for the sake of clarity and continuity, I’m going to quickly bullet point the main important details that should be carried over to this post.

  • They do not have an infinite source of water within them
    however, they can/do store water/soda within their bodies
  • They are closely related to water dragons
  • Despite their size, they can be quite quick, strong, and resilient IF the liquid recently consumed within them is able to be quickly or was previously converted to soda water
  • Any liquids consumed will be converted to soda water automatically and the more complex a liquid may be (wine, lemonade, milk), the longer it can take to convert

Those would be some of the key traits to keep in mind, since I’m now going to be entering a bit of back-story time as to why fountain dragons are some of the most common dragons walking their world later in this post. First thing first though, a few more traits about fountain dragons. 

 Like most other dragon species, they have a form of partial immortality. It is VERY hard to successfully kill any dragon in their world as their own magics have some form of auto-regeneration built in and most typically die of old age then from a flesh wound (go ahead and try to chop off the arms and legs and they will try to bite your legs off). This regeneration can become quite apparent around that particular species’ weakness. Fountain Dragons for instance have a particularly violent weakness to certain chemicals (such as potasium benzoate and aspartame or any particular material that creates extreme cases of nucleation) which react with their natural COfrom their magical soda-water production to usually produce, quite literally, a living liquid bomb that explodes and rains micro-versions of the original dragon within a semi-wide radius of the epicenter. This experience can be excruciatingly painful for the dragon to live through and can horribly cripple in a wide variety of ways the dragon for years if all the mini-me’s do not return back to them. Each micro-drake carries with it a part of the original dragon, be it part of their memories, part of their magic, or (in rare instances) a physical part of their bodies (like a leg, part of the brain, a kidney, etc). 

 In this severely weakened state, a fountain dragon *CAN BE KILLED* due to the reduced and shattered state that the dragon is left in, however, if left to it’s own devices the dragon will typically reform within a few hours. If, for whatever reason, the micro-drakes become separate from each other due to other means (which will be gotten into hopefully soon) they have, for lack of a better description, a kind of magical mental compass that draws them toward and help locate each other to assist in reforming the main dragon. Each micro-drake does have a limited (depending on what piece of the original it carries) array of defenses they can access from the original dragon’s magical and physical powers with all carrying the ability to create soda water from liquids.   

 There is however a time limit to this reforming ability due to the original water dragon magics that lie within the soda dragon. Given enough time or assuming the majority (at least 60-75%) of the micro-drakes come together, any and all parts that are/were missing on the main dragon and the remaining micro-drakes will be, at least somewhat, “regenerated”. This process of regeneration is exceedingly slow and can take upwards of 3 to 5 years to fully take effect on the main dragon and a minimum of 40 years on the remaining micro-drakes. This curious regeneration effect has led some to call fountain dragons the starfish of the dragon world.  

Needless to say, going through something like this can be quite the jarring experience for any fountain dragon. It becomes even worse when it is done multiple times for the sake of greed. 

 Imagine having your whole life and being spread across, not 10 or 20 drakes, but upwards of a few thousand. Each having only a fragment of the life they had before while being force-fed liquids nearly every waking hour and then having the resulting soda water forcibly pumped out day in and day out for 40 to 70 years they have become “fully grown” and unable to reform to the original dragon at which point they are popped again and shattered into smaller and smaller pieces of the original.

 Welcome to the Soda Wars. A time period in the semi-recent history (roughly 200 year period that ended about 1500 years ago) that led to the world’s map needing to be redrawn, Hier Animals and all dragon kind (not just purebreds) being accepted as “Sentient” beings (Yeah I’m retconing a wee bit of lore from World Building: Creatures Beings and World Tech part 1) and a giant shift in the entire world stage going from a rather stagnant plateau to a new industrial and cultural revolution and boom. 

 To give the Soda Wars a bit of contrast and equivalency to the real world, it was a much, much longer and much more convoluted World War 2. There were lines drawn in the sand and various nations stood on one of 3 sides. They were either neutral or with one of the 2 opposing camps, each vying for the resources of the other. The main fuel that drove/powered these war machines? Magic-based Soda Water. A few years prior to the war starting, a few brilliant alchemists and chemists found that magic-infused soda water can be refined into quite the energetic fuel and medicinal products, thus spurring the grab for “cattle” and the horrid treatment by one of the two sides of soda dragons making them one of the most common dragons in the world to date. It was estimated that, prior to the war, there may have been a world population of around 35k fountain dragons in their world. Directly after the war, that number “exploded” to well over 500k living and over 350k killed to fuel the war in some of the more modest estimates due to the abuse of the dragon’s “regenerative” ability. 

 Post-Soda Wars, the slash and burn method used during the war of generating soda water was outlawed as a form of brutality and slavery, however it is rumored that it is still being practices by a few fringe nations and within the big company black market, though it hasn’t been proven yet. 

 And with that giant wall-o-text out of the way, I’m gonna leave the rest for later. There *might* be more coming and being added to Fountain Dragons in general, however, that can wait for another time. If I continue any further in the present, I might start giving away too many core bits of the story that is still being ironed out.

Cast Closet: Bing the Dragon (prt 1)

What is in a name, but one’s own hopes, beliefs, and personality?

Yeah… Enough with the philosophical mumbo jumbo… Time to work on, quite possibly, the main protagonist of the story a tad. His name, as mentioned in a prior post and in the title of this one, is Bing. He is a dragon.

Speaking of dragons and before I go much futher, small foot note here… Dragons, in this world, are NOT the fire breathing demonic figures that they are soo often displayed as. Don’t get me wrong, there are some that do have a firery breath, but that is just one of the many dragons in this world. I’ve got another journal posting being worked on that goes into this in more detail. I swear, more info on this is coming cause it’s almost stupifying lore intensive. The simple and condensed version is as follows.

There are 4 “founding” dragon “families”. From those 4 interbreeding with each other, and the dispersal and dissolution of part of the purebreeds, new traits, abilities, and aspects cropped up creating hybridized “families”. This eventually opened the door for other breeding avenues with both Hier Animals and Humans, which, though frowned upon at first, is no longer as taboo as it once was.

Bing isn’t that far down in the family tree that he isn’t at least a pure dragon, but he is far enough down the line to be a mix of almost all 4 original families by various degrees. His particular “family” is most associated as an offshoot of the water based dragons and is officially known as Fountain Dragons or, in more common areas, Soda Dragons.

I’ll give you one guess as to what Fountain Dragon’s can “breathe”.

Either way, he’s well, a bit of a klutz and a goofball. He means well, but not everything he does goes over too well for those around him. Quite often, his neighbor and friend Philias has to come into the nearby town to help repair various machinery that Bing may have accidentally knocked over, crushed, or otherwise broke in some manor.

Doesn’t help at all when he stands around 10 foot 4 when standing straight and weighs somewhere in the range of 4 to 6 thousand pounds due to the water he carries with him. Speaking of water, another small side note. Despite being fairly close to the water dragon family, fountain dragons lost their ability to “create” water from nothing. As such, Fountain dragons have the unusual ability to store water within themselves, usually keeping themselves roughly half-filled with water within an odd… storage zone? I guess? This area is (cue the M word) magically dispersed about their bodies, usually making them look quite heavy at times. Despite the extra weight being visible on most, Fountain dragons can not *TYPICALLY* feel any additional weight or other encumberance upon themselves by this water storage and can move quite quickly and are quite a bit stronger then they look. There is an exception to this, and that surrounds the liquid in question being changed to soda. If the water supply needs to be extracted from something, say milk, wine, or any other liquid, they DO feel the extra weight initially. As their own internal magic (there’s that M word again) changes the liquid in question to water and the excess is either absorbed (nutrients) or expelled as waste then the weight will drop. It can be a timely process depending on what the base is and how often that fountain dragon has to convert that particular liquid. Their internal magics (Third M, I’m on a roll), since they work independantly, can adapt themselves eventually to convert specific liquids to water faster over time.

Geez that was more lore then I was planning to do here… Gotta love it when ya have to explain part of a character. I’m not even done with this bit, but, after that wall ‘o’ text, I feel this might be a decent wrap-up point for the moment. For those curious or unable to go back for whatever reason to the last pic of Bing posted, here it is again, but this time, cleaned up a bit.

Drawing Challenge - Character?

Who doesn’t like free art? Who doesn’t want to get better at drawing? I’d like to kill two birds with one stone by doing a random art challege for whoever wants free art of a character.

Rules are gonna be simple. Reply with the name of a character (does not matter if it’s one of your own or already out there, but if it is one of your own, please include a link to references) and a random word or two to give me ideas as to what they might be doing. No adult stuff please, try to keep it all pg.

I’d like to do at least 5-10 of them over the next week, posting them as I get responses. Might even stream a few tomorrow if any come in by then (oh heads up, considering streaming tomorrow, monday, with it starting around 8:00 or 9:00 PM, all depends on those loverly variables known as life. Just keep an eye on the twitter feed as I do plan on tweetin with the link before I start).



wow this is quite powerful


Kinda ran into a small hiccup in the world/story building due to a few things picking up. Had my nephew move in this past weekend and attended a comic book show at the Miccosukki Gaming resort semi-near my place. Did get a few doodles done though, so the time isn’t a full loss or anything. ’ere’s a trio I’ve just scanned and plan to work on in photoshop soon.

Top is an alien of some description. Was semi experimenting with shapes while looking through a book I managed to nab from Creaturebox (Love their style). Second is some angry fox dog thing (no idea, still trying to figure that one out). Was done as part of some advice to change drawing instruments to open up your mind to new creative thoughts. Last is a pic of Bing, one of the characters of the story I’ve been working on. I’m slowly reworking his design a bit. While I’m happy with certain… generalities about how he looks, it just feels like there is a bit of space to tighten his design a bit more in spots.

World Building: Creatures, Beings, and World Technology part 1

Suppose the best place to start might be a nice general outline of what is living in this world and what they have access to. Concerning the sentient beings of the world, they are grouped into 3, well, groups. Humans/Humanoids, Hier Animals, and Dragons.

For a being to be “Sentient”, at least in my opinion, needs to meet a few criteria. First, they must have at least some basic understanding of self.  Second, an understanding of the creative spark. Third and final, be able to grasp at least one of the common tongues/languages.

For the first point, it’s kinda hard to explain. It’s kinda like a line in the sand that adds a secondary step to the flight or fight animal instinct. It elevates and adds curiosity. A certain… wonderment as to not just how the world looks, but also how it works. Some type of drive to figure out the world.

That first point also tends to fuel the second. The purest form of the creative spark is the desire to improve or employ natural works to other tasks. It’s the evolution of that first step of wonder of how things work to see how they can use that to a new result. These two criteria, because of what they could allow various beings to do, are both the easiest and hardest to completely achieve. It’s a weird step because they have to literally rewire how they act and think.

The third point, learning a common language, isn’t as much of an issue depending on the location. The only reason why this can be a barrier is because of a particular beings drive to want to learn. That once again ties into the first criteria. Some beings may have the drive at least to learn a common tongue and have at least some awareness of self, but that’s as far as they go. They won’t or can’t take it to that final step.

Humans and Dragons were the first two to fully achieve the being status in this world. The latest in this world’s history was the amalgamous group known collectively as Hier Animals. The main reason it can be rather hard to pin down Hier Animals to anything more then a general group name is due in part to the rather wide array of animal life that can or has met being status. Depending on what part of the world you are in, it can be quite the common sight to see various animals on two legs running shops, doing various labor, or just plain making a living in other ways.

In human history, there were recorded events of wild-life talking to humans, but they were mostly dismissed as fairy tales up till around 2-3 thousand years ago when an entire village of animals was found. Since then, *most* city-states and nations recognize Hier Animals as they would a human or a dragon. There are a few pockets where this commonality is inverted and they are treated as a lower form of life, usually as slaves, but it is nowhere near as common as it once was after an event roughly 1500 years ago when Hier Animals gained a voice and civilianship. The event will have to wait because I’ve planned to focus a bit more on Humans/ Humanoids in a future posting.

This actually feels like a nice wrapping up point for right now, but I will probably continue on the beings & creatures in the next posting as well as actually get into their world’s tech. I will say this much, as far as where it currently stands in relation to our own, they are *roughly* in the midst of the Industrial Revolution. Steam power, metalurgy, trains, etc are things in this world. Quite a bit of it is also augmented by magic and alchemy as well. This leads partially into why a breed of dragons known as Fountain Dragons are expecially important and part of the main story.

That’s gonna have to wait for future posts….

Declaration: Compass Set, World Building, and Cast Closet….

Been semi-visually inactive on here, mostly because I really didn’t know what the heck I wanted to achieve or do aside from upload sketches from time to time. The sketches, due to how this thing has it’s images, are gonna have to wait a bit since I REALLY don’t wanna potentially destroy what space I have left on dropbox, sign up for an additional service that I could potentially forget about due to inactivity on here, or devour the limited bandwidth of my website.

So… Instead I’m going to use this as a bit of a world building area. I’m at a stage of semi-not caring if the ideas or world for an animation I’m working on are stolen. From my viewpoint, I don’t have much to lose from someone copying aside from potential headaches if they try to say I stole it from them. What I stand to gain on the other hand is a project that should look pretty damn nice, when complete, in my porfolio.

Over the next, probably few months, I’m going to be cateloging, journaling, and generally writing up the ideas for the animation here. The plan *tenatively* at the moment is to have the world fully fleshed out and at least the first arc or two written out by mid june to mid july as well as have the core cast of characters fleshed out, modeled, textured, rigged, and ready to animate.

This leads to the title of the journal.  To try to keep track of the main points, I’m going to try to keep to using a few particular titles if it’s a main piece of the project. Compass Set will be used for entries detailing the journey the characters will be taking and other story elements. It will have the least amount of pics until I get to a storyboarding stage, at which point, there may be more. World Building will focus on the world’s general lore, history, locations, and other elements. I expect to have alot of scenery and item images here as areas of the world become clear. Cast Closet is anything having to do with significant characters. This will also have alot of images to help me flesh out the characters.

Occasionally, if it’s something project-related, but doesn’t fit anywhere above due to it being more of a general news bit, like this post here, it’ll be a Declaration. I don’t expect to have too many of these, unless I’m going out of town, get a job, etc. If the posting doesn’t use that particular name in the title, it’s either not directly related to the project or just some fluff journal posting.

I know creating an entire animation as a solo project, at least one that will be spanning longer then 5-10 minutes like the ones you see from Sheridan Art Acadamy, Cal Arts, Animation Workshop, Newgrounds, Vancouver Film School and other animation schools and websites isn’t something usually done and completed as a solo project. Heck, even most of those aren’t solo project either. I’ve seen the credits listing on quite a few of them. I suppose that would be the other reason I’m posting this project online instead of keeping it entirely under wraps untill the final bit is done. While I do have a set course for how I want things to unfold, I’m not against the new. If some event planned for the animation is stupid, I’d like to have a second set of eyes say something well before I get to animating that section.

Before anyone calls me a retard at some point in the future when they go back through and read that last statement, I realize this is the internet. The anonymity is both a curse and a blessing at the same time, because I already KNOW that I will be trolled, called various names, have the work stolen in some form, and worse at some point while working on this. At the same time, I’ve always been one to let jests and jeers fall by the wayside. Best way to get a troll to stop is to simply not give into it’s subtile pokes and prods. Any and all critiques I’d be getting on what is going right and wrong will be taken with a grain of salt. Sometimes, certain paths are the right ways to do things, even if they do not seem so at first.

Either way, I think I’ve rattled on and gotten a nice foreword put together now on this project. Yes, I know it doesn’t mention anything about what it is yet aside from it being an animation. Hold ‘yer horses. This is only the first step, and we’ve got a few thousand to go in this journey. Building Rome in one day and all that…